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Tips to help kids with food allergies and food sensitivities

Tips to help kids with food allergies and food sensitivitiesWhen children have food allergies, they need to avoid the foods that cause their symptoms. This is not always easy to do, but our Plano pediatricians have some tips to help kids with food allergies and food sensitivities.

Parents, family members and caregivers can help kids with food allergies

Ultimately, parents have to manage their children’s food allergies and their environment, but children aren’t always at home with them. Parents can help educate family members, caregivers and teachers by providing information to help kids with food allergies and food sensitivities.

People who interact with children who are allergic to certain foods must understand the problems that certain food allergens can cause. It’s also vital for them to understand how to treat those symptoms and what to do in an emergency if the symptoms become severe.

Tips to help kids cope with food allergies at school and other group settings

Parents should always inform an adult about a child’s food allergies. It’s helpful to leave a list of the foods a child is allergic to, along with symptoms to look for and emergency numbers to call if necessary.

Parents can prepare fun, safe snacks and bring them to share with the other children. Go to Safe Eats® Allergy-Friendly Recipes – Kids with Food Allergies for ideas.

Schools and other places can encourage non-food rewards such as crafts, notepads or pencils. Birthdays and other celebrations could center around games or prizes instead of snacks.

Helping children manage their food allergies

Children with food allergies and food sensitivities can learn to understand what their food allergies are and how to stay safe. Parents can explain what happens when the child eats certain foods and teach them to avoid food allergens. Children can also learn only to take food from trusted adults in their lives.

FARE, an organization that strives to improve life for people with food allergies, offers several good resources for parents and children. Go to for more information about their PAL, or Protect a Life™ From Food Allergies, education program and their customizable book for children.

Our Plano pediatricians are also here to help kids with food allergies. For more information, contact us.

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