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Our pediatric specialists explain how to identify sound information sources

Our pediatric specialists recognize that parents are on the front lines of their child’s health, making the daily decisions that have a big impact. Parents need to feel empowered in their decision-making, and for that, reliable information is key. Here are some things to consider before accepting information you find online as fact.

  • Who is writing the information? Government and educational sources can often be relied upon to offer research-based information. On commercial websites, look for information written by qualified pediatric specialists who have a good reputation in the medical community.
  • What are the information sources? Look for references to claims made on medical websites. Claims that cite medical research performed by well-known and well-respected medical organizations and institutions are more likely to be accurate.
  • How current is the information? New research changes our understanding of medicine. Look for content published within the last three years.

Don’t feel the need to rely on your online research alone. As partners in your child’s health, our pediatric specialists are always happy to discuss your concerns.

Recommended sites from our pediatric specialists

For general pediatric information, our Plano pediatric specialists recommend visiting these web pages:

For more information about how vaccines work and why they are recommended, visit the following web pages:

These sites are helpful, but sometimes there is no substitute for experience. If questions or concerns remain after your research, remember that our pediatric specialists have spent years treating children, and are prepared to respond to your questions with respect and compassion. We believe that communication is a key aspect of medical treatment and work to make our Plano clinic a place where parents and children feel comfortable expressing their concerns and working to solve problems alongside our practitioners.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our pediatric specialists and get the answers you need for your child’s healthcare.

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