Pediatric Specialists of Plano

Pediatric services from infancy to adulthood

At our office in Plano we offer a full range of pediatric services to children from birth to 18 years of age. We are proud to share these formative years with our patients and are dedicated to providing compassionate and high-quality healthcare. At Pediatric Specialists of Plano, your children are our specialty.

Comprehensive pediatric services for well-care

We believe that a healthy childhood is achieved when parents and pediatricians work together. During well-care visits, we strive to create a complete picture of your child’s health by taking time to ask questions and listen to your concerns. Beginning at birth, we measure your child’s physical and mental development during our annual exams, school and sports physicals and vaccination appointments. Our big-picture approach to pediatric services includes:

  • Monitoring physical growth and encouraging healthy nutrition
  • Assessing emotional health
  • Providing vaccinations
  • Offering health screens and tests
  • Discussing behavioral issues
  • Keeping track of sleeping patterns
  • Sharing child care and safety tips
  • Exploring family medical histories for health concerns

Staying well requires proactive medical care. We are passionate about starting children on the path of good health and laying the foundation for healthy adulthood.

Responsive sick visits

Being sick is hard on children and their parents. With that in mind, our pediatric services center provides efficient care that helps children feel better fast. Our Plano clinic treats children for illnesses and minor injuries. We are also available over the phone 24 hours a day to address emergent medical concerns.

It can sometimes be difficult for parents to know when they should call the doctor for a child’s illness. Many times, relief is possible at home. Here are some conditions for when pediatric sick visits are required for illness.

When your child isn’t feeling well, our Plano pediatricians offer sick child visits to diagnose and treat their problems. We treat illnesses and minor injuries with expertise and care in the office to get your child back on the road to good health. Someone on our staff is also available 24 hours a day to address your concerns and discuss whether you need an in-person appointment.