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Find guidance and support for children’s nutrition

Find guidance and support for children’s nutritionAs Plano pediatricians, we know that you work hard to help your child stay healthy. We also know that children’s nutrition can feel like an uphill battle, but it is essential to a child’s health. Healthy eating habits can help reduce the risk of chronic illnesses and obesity later in life. They also help children to feel energized and focused in school.

Helpful tips for children’s nutrition

Our Plano pediatricians want to empower you to start your child on a lifetime of healthy eating habits. When challenged by children’s nutrition, you can follow this helpful advice.

  • Don’t force the issue. Requiring children to clean their plates or forcing them to take a bite can cause stress around food. Many children require repeated, low-pressure exposure to a new food before they are willing to eat it.
  • Involve children in meal planning. Teach your child about the importance of good nutrition and ask them to help you choose foods for your family’s meals. Teach them to prepare the food and talk about its nutritional value. You can also start a garden or visit a farmer’s market to teach them where your food comes from.
  • Make healthy options available. If chips are closer at hand than carrots, which is your child going to choose? Have healthy snacks and drinks in the fridge or pantry, and don’t stock up on the snacks you’d rather your child avoid.

Unhealthy eating habits don’t change overnight, but parents who lead the way through small and simple steps can make a world of difference in their children’s nutrition over time.

Assistance and insight

Our Plano pediatricians have experience as medical practitioners and parents. They understand the challenges you face as you strive to raise healthy children. You can rely on your child’s pediatrician to provide science-based advice that will help you support your child’s nutritional needs as they grow and develop.

For questions about your child’s eating habits, please contact our office.

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