Pediatric Specialists of Plano

Our pediatricians are specialists in newborn care

Whether you are expecting your first child or your fourth, we are honored to be the first medical providers in your child’s life. With years of experience in pediatric medicine and newborn care, our providers are prepared to answer questions, address concerns and provide the quality of care that is so essential to a child’s health.

Newborn care at your first visit

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a newborn be seen by their pediatrician after going home from the hospital at just two to five days old. It is important to check your child at this time for appropriate growth and health. When you bring your child to our Plano office for his or her first appointment, you can expect the visit to include:

  • Measuring your child’s height: Children can grow between ½ and 1-inch each month, and your pediatrician will want to establish a baseline to monitor your child’s growth.
  • Measuring your child’s weight: Babies gain five to seven ounces a week, and your pediatrician charts this progress to ensure that your child is growing normally.
  • A discussion of immunizations: From birth to 24 months of age, your child will receive a number of vaccinations for infectious and dangerous diseases. Your pediatrician will run you through the recommended schedule.
  • Check your baby’s head shape and skull: Our pediatricians measure head circumference at each well visit to track skull development.
  • Family wellbeing: At each appointment, our pediatricians check on the status of each new family to make sure that the stress of having a new baby is not causing any issues.

The newborn appointment is also a time for parents to ask questions about the care of their newest family member. We are happy to answer your questions, no matter how big or small. We are your partner in your child’s healthcare.

Picking your newborn’s pediatrician

Because the time immediately following a child’s birth is full of changes, many parents choose their pediatrician before their child is born. It is important for new parents to pick a pediatrician who they feel is responsive to their needs and concerns, and with whom they feel comfortable communicating. At Pediatric Specialists of Plano, we are happy to schedule a consultation appointment for expectant parents to discuss our practice and take a tour of the office.

Every child is different. Our pediatricians tailor their care to meet your child’s unique needs. To learn more about the newborn care we offer, or to schedule an appointment to get to know our providers, contact us today.