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Healthy sleep habits for kids are important

Healthy sleep habits for kids are importantOur Plano pediatricians know that when your child is running around on the playground, it’s easy to envy your little one’s apparently inexhaustible energy. But to keep it up, kids need a lot of sleep. Toddlers need 11-14 hours, between the night and naps, while young children need 10-13 hours. Elementary and middle schoolers need 9-12 hours a night, and teenagers still benefit from 8-10 hours of sleep every night. To make sure your child is getting enough rest, our doctors have tips for promoting healthy sleep habits for kids.

Help with healthy sleep habits for kids

As working parents, our Plano pediatricians know that when families are busy, it can be hard to make time for as much sleep as every child (and every parent) needs. But poor sleep can lead to difficulty at school, behavioral problems and poor health. Here are some tips to help your family develop healthy sleep habits for kids.

  • Make a routine. Create and stick to a routine before bed. For young children, this will help reduce bedtime anxiety. For older children, it serves as a reminder that sleep is a nonnegotiable need.
  • Give screens a bedtime too. Sleep experts recommend keeping electronics out of kids’ rooms and putting away digital devices an hour before bedtime.
  • Make a calming space. Kids who learn that the bed is only for sleeping find it easier to fall asleep there. Find another space for them to do homework, play and eat.

One of the best ways that parents can help promote healthy sleep habits for kids is leading by example. As you teach your kids the importance of eating nutritious foods and being active, don’t forget to teach them to take care of their bodies by also getting enough sleep.

Good health around the clock

Whether your kids wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed or take a while to get out of bed in the morning, we’re here to help you help them lead healthy lives. We offer convenient appointment times five days a week and a 24-hour help line for emergent concerns. We can work with you at appointments to troubleshoot your child’s sleeping habits and help your whole family rest easier.

For more tips on helping your child have a better night’s sleep, contact our Plano pediatricians.

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