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Message to parents about coronavirus: Our main concern is patient care and safety

Our message to parents about coronavirus is simple: our physicians and staff are working diligently to keep our patients and staff as safe as possible as we all deal with COVID-19, also known as coronavirus. We have made several changes to address the evolving conditions caused by the virus. Information is developing rapidly, so we ask parents to be patient with us as we strive to create the most secure conditions in our office.

New office procedures help keep patients safe

Here are the steps we have taken to protect patients, parents and staff.

  1. We are taking extra precautions in the office, including frequent and thorough disinfection of the office throughout the day.
  2. Currently, we are offering special hours for well-child visits only, meaning no sick child appointments occur during these hours. For the first 90 minutes after the office opens and the first 90 minutes after lunch, all appointments will be well-child visits only.
  3. Well-child visits take place on one side of the office, and sick child visits on the other. This step provides a separation of well and sick children.
  4. Currently, we are asking parents to wait in their vehicles with their children until their examination room is ready. Our staff calls parents when it is time to come inside, limiting children’s contact with other patients and parents.
  5. We are requesting limited visitors in the office, including having only one parent in person when possible.

What parents can do to keep kids safe

You’ve all heard the advice about washing your hands for 20 seconds and practicing social distancing. Our message to parents about coronavirus is to please take these recommendations seriously. Treat your children with the same care that you would give to your newborn child; for example, avoid crowds and anyone who is sick. Practice social isolation as often as possible.

Information about the coronavirus is changing hour by hour, day by day, so we advise parents to check the following websites, as well as our website and Facebook page, for updates.

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website:
  • The World Health Organization’s website:
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics’ website for parents:

CALL US if you think your child may have COVID-19, or coronavirus

Please call us first if your child is exhibiting coronavirus symptoms or has come into contact with someone who has the virus. Please do not come to our office! Call our staff, and they will inform you about the next steps you need to take. Physicians’ offices, urgent care facilities and emergency rooms across the country advise patients to call for instructions first.

Our final message to parents about coronavirus is that we will get through this changing environment together, especially if we are all patient and calm during the coming days and weeks. We are doing everything we can to keep our patients and their parents safe as we cope with this new virus. If you have questions, contact us.

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