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Beyond rock-a-bye baby. Pacifiers and other soothing techniques for babies

Beyond rock-a-bye baby. Pacifiers and other soothing techniques for babiesBabies cry when they are hungry, tired, too hot, too cold or need a diaper change, so you take care of those issues first. But what happens when you can’t figure out why your infant is fussy? Learning soothing techniques for babies gives you tools to try when your baby needs calming. Our Plano pediatricians are here to offer you several methods that help settle babies.

What you should know about pacifiers

Pacifiers, also known as binkies or soothers, satisfy some babies’ need to suck. The sucking motion has a soothing effect on many babies, helping them fall asleep. It can also act as a distraction during medical procedures or other stressful events. If you choose to use binkies as one of the soothing techniques for babies, here are some things you should know.

  • Do not use two-piece binkies.
  • Don’t force your baby to use a pacifier if he or she doesn’t want it.
  • Don’t put sugar or honey on the binkie.
  • Remember to keep the pacifier clean by boiling it or putting it in the dishwasher.
  • Never put the binkie in your mouth to clean it.
  • Do not attach the binkie to a string or strap that could catch your baby’s neck.

Your voice is music to your baby’s ears

The sound of your voice calms your baby and reassures them. There are many ways to use your voice to quiet your infant.

  • Simply vocalize in various ways, including talking, babbling or cooing.
  • Read poetry, nursery rhymes or even your favorite novel aloud.
  • Play music and sing along.

Babies usually respond to music of any kind, whether you are singing it or not. Try playing your favorite songs or starting a musical mobile or toy for your baby.

Various forms of touch work as soothing techniques for babies

Rest assured that holding and cuddling your baby is not going to spoil them. Babies enjoy the sense of touch. Here are some soothing techniques for babies you can try.

  • In the early months, swaddling calms many but not all babies.
  • Many babies enjoy being held close to your body in a baby carrier.
  • Gentle rocking in a chair or back and forth is comforting.
  • Try different holds.
  • Hold your baby skin to skin, especially in the early months.

There are many ways to soothe and comfort your baby. All you have to do is ask our Plano pediatricians. Contact us for an appointment.

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