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Baby’s Head Shape

Heads up! What you should know about your baby’s head shape and flat head syndrome

In magazines and movies, every newborn has a perfectly shaped head, but your baby’s head shape may look a bit different. If your infant’s head is cone-shaped or uneven, there is an explanation. Many babies have conical shaped skulls after pushing their way through the birth canal.

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Newborn Care Pediatric Specialists of Plano

How to Swaddle Your Infant

How to swaddle your infant for safe and comfortable sleep

Chances are you learned how to swaddle your infant for safe sleep in a childbirth class or at the hospital. Swaddling your baby helps them feel comfortable, secure and soothed during sleep. A well-done wrap helps to calm a colicky baby and reduces the startle reflex that wakes infants at times.

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What to Expect at Newborn Checkups

Why newborn checkups are important

Our Plano pediatricians are parents, so they know that new parenthood can be the most sleep-deprived time of a person’s life. Nevertheless, we encourage all parents to bring their babies in for newborn checkups. These checkups are important because they help us ensure that babies are growing and developing normally,

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Newborn Care Pediatric Specialists of Plano

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