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Teething tips and dental trips. Find advice about healthy teeth for kids

Answering an important question – How often a child should poop Baby teeth aren’t permanent but caring for them is the start of healthy teeth for kids. When baby teeth decay, it harms a child’s permanent teeth. Our Plano pediatricians want you to know ensuring a lifetime of smiles doesn’t have to cause anxiety. These pediatric dental care tips can help reduce your stress.

Teething can be a pain in the gums

Teething can start as soon as three months of age. You probably dread it but knowing how to ease your child’s pain helps. Here are some pediatric dental care tips to try to promote healthy teeth for kids.

  • Gently chewing on something like a cold, but not rock hard, washcloth placed in the freezer may soothe the gums. Infants should not chew on anything that is small or can be chewed into pieces they might swallow.
  • Babies older than six months may have acetaminophen or ibuprofen for the pain.
  • Wiping babies’ gums with a clean piece of gauze helps prevent rashes or blisters.
  • Don’t use teething gels or tablets that numb the gums of children younger than age two.
  • Don’t place teething devices around your baby’s neck due to the risk of strangulation.

The first trip to the dentist supports healthy teeth for kids

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Dental Association recommend taking your baby to see the dentist before their first birthday or six months after the first tooth erupts, whichever comes first.

The first visit helps your child become accustomed to the dentist. It also provides you with essential pediatric dental care tips. During this appointment, you can hold your child on your lap while the dentist does an exam.

Pediatric dental care tips for reducing anxiety at dental visits

Dental trips help ensure healthy teeth for kids, but these appointments may make you or your child nervous. Follow these tips to avoid worry and stress.

  • Look for a pediatric dentist or a dentist who has a child-friendly practice.
  • Take your child to the dentist early and often so they are accustomed to dental exams.
  • At home, play “dentist.”
  • Read books about dental visits.
  • Stay calm and reassure your child before, during and after exams.

Keeping your child’s teeth and gums healthy is an important part of overall healthcare. Our pediatricians can help you understand why your child’s dental care is important. Contact us.

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