Pediatric Specialists of Plano

We offer sports and school physicals

As parents, our Plano pediatricians know how many forms schools and sports programs require. We’re eager to make your life easier by providing a clear path to get those sports and school physicals off your to-do list. We have office hours every weekday to give you more opportunities to get in, get seen and get going.

Sports and school physicals are important

Our Plano pediatricians want to emphasize the important purpose that these physicals serve. Annual exams help us monitor potential health problems and intervene before they become serious issues. In our sports and school physicals, we monitor the following:

  • Nutrition. Early intervention for unhealthy eating habits can avoid obesity, diabetes and heart disease later on.
  • Mental health. Untreated depression and anxiety can make a big difference in a child’s adult life.
  • Physical injuries. Kids and teens seem to bounce back from anything, which means they may ignore overuse injuries until they are severe.
  • Vaccinations. Vaccines prevent deadly childhood illnesses and are required to be up-to-date by many school districts before your child can attend.
  • Social issues. Children need support when they are exposed to issues such as bullying and substance abuse.

Your Plano pediatricians can be a valuable resource to help your child make safe and healthy choices. Take advantage of our expertise and make the most of your child’s annual visit.

Planning for your visit

Start early. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends completing a sports physical at least six weeks before the season begins. Getting your child’s annual school exam done early can help you address glaring issues before school starts, and allow your child to transition into the new school year without last-minute form requirements.

Compiling and releasing medical information takes time. For this reason, we charge a $10 fee for each sport, school, daycare or activity form we fill out. You can expect us to take at least 48 hours to get the form back to you. Rush service is available for an additional $10 per form.

Get your child ahead of the game. Contact our Plano pediatricians to schedule a sports and school physical today.