Pediatric Specialists of Plano

Yearly checkups for children with our Plano pediatricians

When you make an appointment with our Plano pediatricians, you can rest assured that your child’s health is in good hands. Our physicians follow the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommended schedule for children, which includes recommendations for yearly checkups for children.

Following this schedule, your child will visit the doctor for checkups more frequently during the first year of life than in the years that follow. This helps our doctors keep track of the important developmental milestones that occur early in life. The visits will space out further over time until your child only comes in for a yearly checkup.

What we do at yearly checkups for children

You’ll notice many changes between your child’s first and last visit to the pediatrician, but some important things stay the same at all yearly checkups for children.

  • Tracking growth. At every checkup, we measure your child’s height and weight to ensure that he or she is growing properly and maintaining a good balance of physical activity and nutrition.
  • Not every visit will require a shot, but we will check to make sure that your child is current on life-saving vaccinations, including the flu vaccine.
  • Answering questions. During early visits, our pediatricians can answer questions to help you navigate the needs of a new child. In later visits, pediatricians provide a supportive environment where young patients can have their concerns addressed without judgment.
  • Screenings and referrals. At some yearly checkups for children, we may perform vision, hearing or other tests. If the results of these tests indicate that there may be a problem, your pediatrician can refer you to specialists who can help.
  • Providing safety advice. As children grow and change, so do the risks in the world around them. The yearly checkup is a great way for our Plano pediatricians to help parents and children become aware of these dangers and learn how to stay safe.

One of the biggest benefits of yearly checkups for children is that it allows our Plano pediatricians to get to know our wonderful patients and watch them grow from infancy to young adulthood. This makes our doctors more effective members of your child’s healthcare team.

Yearly checkups for children are important

Our Plano pediatricians need a great deal of information to track your child’s growth and development. The best way for us to do that is by getting to know your child’s health history through direct observation. Yearly checkups for children allow us to address parent and child concerns and help children learn how to be the star player on their personal health team.

Is your child ready for a yearly checkup? Contact our Plano pediatricians to schedule an appointment.