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Tips for recognizing seasonal allergies in kids

Our Plano pediatricians see it all the time. Parents bring their children into the office because they’re sneezing, sniffling and rubbing their eyes. The parents wonder if their children are sick, or if they’re facing seasonal allergies in kids.

It can be hard to tell the difference between the common cold and seasonal allergies. However, if you find yourself telling the same story fall after fall, you and your child may be dealing with seasonal allergies. The good news is this story has a happy ending. Your child’s doctor can help you deal with these allergies.

Treating seasonal allergies in kids

When parents come to our Plano pediatricians with concerns about seasonal allergies, we often start by asking questions about when and where these symptoms occur. We want to rule out other environmental allergens like pet dander or dust mites so that we can offer the best approach for dealing with your child’s symptoms. You can also help manage seasonal allergies in kids by taking several steps.

  • Reducing allergens at home. Clean your family’s clothes after they’ve been outside, vacuum frequently and consider a no-shoes-in-the-house policy to prevent your family from tracking in pollen. Keep the windows shut and consider using an air conditioner to draw allergens out of the air.
  • Non-drowsy antihistamines. You can obtain these medications without a prescription and they can reduce your child’s symptoms in a few days.
  • Nasal sprays. Nasal steroids can be helpful either alone or combined with a non-drowsy antihistamine.

You should always talk to your child’s pediatrician before starting any allergy medication. Even over-the-counter medicine can be dangerous when combined with other medications or when taken without a doctor’s supervision. We’re happy to help recommend medicines to avoid side effects and get your child the relief he or she needs.

Support with the sniffles

Managing allergies with supervision from our Plano pediatricians allows your family to enjoy the changes of the season without dealing with allergy symptoms. To learn more about seasonal allergies in kids or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office.