Pediatric Specialists of Plano

Sick Child Visits

When your child isn’t feeling well, our Plano pediatricians offer sick child visits to diagnose and treat their problems. We treat illnesses and minor injuries with expertise and care, to get your child back on the road to good health. Someone on our staff is also available 24 hours a day to address your concerns and discuss whether you need an in-person appointment.

When should you call to make an in-person appointment?

Our physicians and staff know that having a sick child is scary. Sometimes, your child can recover at home without prescriptions or an office visit; sometimes, they need to see one of our physicians for diagnosis and treatment. Here are some guidelines to help you decide if your child needs pediatric services.

  • Fever – Call our Plano pediatricians if your newborn has a temperature higher than 100.4℉; if your infant under the age of one has a temp of 101℉ or higher, or if your child older than one year of age has a fever higher than 103℉.
  • Vomiting or diarrhea – Call us if your child’s symptoms become severe or last longer than a few hours. Always call if you notice signs of dehydration, such as fewer than six wet diapers in a day for infants, or no urination for eight hours in older children. Prompt intervention helps prevent dehydration.
  • Colds and respiratory problems – If your baby is three months of age or younger and shows signs of respiratory illness, you should call our office. If your older child is having problems breathing, or has a cold that lasts longer than a week without improvement, you should give us a ring.
  • Rashes – If your child’s rash is spreading; doesn’t improve over time; or is accompanied by fatigue, fever or pain, please call us for an in-person appointment.

What happens at sick child visits?

Sick child visits have one purpose: to diagnose and treat the problem that is causing symptoms in your child. First, our Plano pediatricians and staff will ask you about your child’s symptoms, how long they have had them, and what medications or home remedies you have used to treat them.

The physician also performs a physical examination. If they can diagnose the problem during the visit, our pediatricians provide medical advice and, in some cases, medication. If they cannot diagnose the medical issue that is causing the symptoms, our pediatricians may order lab work and other tests.

Our compassionate, skilled pediatricians are here to help kids feel better, and get to and maintain their best health. Contact us if you have questions or if you need to make an appointment.