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Children’s wounds, cuts and scrapes

Children play hard, and, inevitably, end up with scrapes, cuts and other wounds. Most of the time, parents can care for children’s wounds at home, but more serious cuts or infections require care from our Plano pediatricians or emergency medical treatment. Our physicians want parents to know what to do when kids get a boo-boo or something more critical.

Home care for cuts and scrapes

Kids scrape their knees, get cut on glass and run into things. Parents should keep the basic first aid tools they need in the home and car to take care of these bumps and bruises. Here’s what to do for a minor wound.

  • Use a clean cloth or gauze pad to apply pressure to the area to stop the bleeding.
  • When bleeding ends, wash the wound with soap and water to help prevent infection.
  • Apply antibacterial lotion or ointment and a bandage or gauze pad with medical tape.
  • When the bandage gets wet, apply a new one.
  • Once the wound develops a scab, a bandage isn’t necessary.

When do children’s wounds need stitches?

It can be difficult for parents to determine whether a child needs medical care to close a wound. Physicians close wounds with stitches, staples, steri-strips and skin glue, depending on the type of cut. If a cut meets the following guidelines, parents should call or see a physician.

  • A gaping wound where muscle or fat is visible
  • Cuts more than ½ inch long
  • A cut in a sensitive cosmetic area like the face
  • Deep cuts that go completely through the skin

When parents are unsure, it’s always fine to call our Plano pediatricians for advice.

First aid for severe bleeding

If a wound is bleeding excessively or uncontrollably, parents should always call 911. While waiting for medical help, here are some steps parents can take to stop or slow the bleeding.

  • Apply pressure to the wound with both hands, firmly and steadily.
  • Use bandages or clothing on the wound, if available, and apply pressure

It is always beneficial for parents to complete a first aid course to learn proper techniques for caring for children’s wounds and injuries.

When to call our Plano pediatricians or seek emergency care

More serious injuries that go beyond ordinary cuts and scrapes may require medical or emergency treatment.

  • Child has swollen glands, a fever or both
  • Increased pain
  • Pain beyond the area of the wound
  • A wound with blood or pus draining from it
  • Increased swelling and redness near the cut
  • Problems with joint movement
  • Deep, gaping wound
  • Excessive bleeding

Our highly trained and experienced Plano pediatricians help children and parents who are coping with children’s wounds, cuts and scrapes. Contact us for an appointment.