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Healthy Holiday Tips to SHARE

Healthy Holiday Tips to SHAREDuring the holidays, we want to share joy, love, food and gifts, not viruses or other illnesses. Preventing sickness during the holidays makes for joyful celebrations and happy travels for the whole family. Our Plano pediatricians SHARE a few healthy holiday tips to help keep the fun going and the bugs at bay.

Tips to SHARE

Shots – Make sure your child’s immunizations are up to date. Don’t forget flu vaccines for everyone in the family. Our Plano pediatricians confirm that it’s not too late for the flu vaccine to be effective this season.

Hygiene – Snacks and group meals are plentiful during the holidays. One of the most important healthy holiday tips is to make sure hands are washed thoroughly before eating and keep sanitizing gel at the ready. Encourage your kids to keep their hands off their faces and out of their mouths. Remind all family members to cough in their elbows and away from people.

Age-appropriate – Make sure the gifts that your children receive are age-appropriate and safe. Also, keep an eye on decorations and party drinks. Ornaments and decorations with food and candy designs can pose a choking hazard. They can look real and are enticing to younger children who may put them in their mouth. Eggnog and punch are delicious and appealing, but aren’t always intended for the kids.

Routine – Keeping a routine and staying on a sleep schedule is important for kids of all ages, and it’s one of the healthy holiday tips that makes for better days for everyone. It’s tempting to keep the fun going late into the night, but lack of sleep not only leads to cranky kids, it also lowers immune systems, increasing the likelihood of illness.

Equip – In addition to focusing on preventing sickness during the holidays, smart parents equip themselves for holiday travel with a wintertime travel medical kit, including a thermometer, medications, tissues and sanitizing wipes. Be prepared for the weather at your destination with appropriate clothing and cold-weather gear. And, don’t forget your child’s car seat. If you’re flying and then traveling by car, take your car seat with you to ensure your child is always properly restrained.

Pediatric Specialists of Plano reminds you to SHARE to keep your holidays illness- and injury-free.

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For additional healthy holiday tips about preventing sickness during the holidays, or to schedule a vaccination appointment, please contact our Plano pediatricians

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