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Don’t believe myths about children’s health

Don’t believe myths about children’s healthStarve a cold, feed a fever. As Plano pediatricians, we’ve heard plenty of health myths over the years. While some myths about children’s health are harmless—avoiding too many sugary treats is a good idea, even if sugar doesn’t really make kids hyper—other myths can risk your child’s health and safety.

Debunking myths about children’s health

These are some common myths about children’s health, along with an explanation of the facts.

  • Vaccines cause autism. As the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated in April 2018, “To date, the studies continue to show that vaccines are not associated with autism.” Failing to vaccinate children due to this myth can lead to tragic results. Vaccines are proven to protect your child and any immune-compromised people around them from devastating and deadly illnesses.
  • Fevers should always be medicated. Providing medication at the first sign of a fever is unnecessary. Fevers are a sign that the body is fighting off infection because an elevated temperature helps your child’s body to kill germs. Our Plano pediatricians can recommend medication, if it is necessary to ease your child’s discomfort.
  • Green mucus means bacteria. White blood cells use enzymes containing iron to fight invading viruses or bacteria. When spent white blood cells, and their enzymatic weapons, are discharged in nasal mucus, the iron can make it appear green. More sinus infections are caused by viruses than bacteria, but green mucus is not a helpful diagnostic tool for telling what has caused your child’s symptoms.

When in doubt about your child’s wellness, don’t hesitate to contact our Plano pediatricians. We are experts at debunking myths about children’s health.

Be smart about child health advice

Anyone can have a website that dispenses health advice. But not everyone has the medical training to make that advice reliable. Before accepting online information as fact, consider the following:

  • Did a respected medical organization, medical school or government body write it?
  • Do cited sources really support the author’s position?
  • Was this published within the last two years?

Our board certified Plano pediatricians are the best source of information for your child’s health. If you need to fact-check something you read online, or have another concern, contact us today.

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