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Let our team help you find summer activities for kids during COVID-19

Let our team help you find summer activities for kids during COVID-19As parents ourselves, we know how difficult distance learning has been for families. Navigating all the apps, Zoom calls and screen time is a job itself. However, it has provided some structure to our children’s days. Now that school is winding down, moms and dads everywhere are scrambling to find summer activities for kids during COVID-19.

What will this summer look like? How can parents keep their kids active and healthy this year? Our Plano pediatricians offer some insight.

Free distance learning opportunities

Organizations that thrive when school is out are getting creative about summer activities for kids during COVID-19. As Plano pediatricians, we are grateful for the many free distance learning experiences our city is providing, from virtual camps to kits you can complete at home.

  • The Plano Public Library system is providing virtual classes for kids. Our local librarians are hosting regular story times, STEAM activities, cooking classes and more.
  • View live stream concerts, take a painting class or learn about local artists online through the Plano Arts and Heritage department.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department has published their catalog of virtual summer activities for kids. Check out their art, music and theater classes, yoga sessions, and educational activities for the entire family. Membership is either free or fairly inexpensive.

Distance learning doesn’t just happen indoors! Plano’s tennis courts, parks and trails remain open, with certain safety procedures in place. We recommend following social distancing measures if your family ventures out for a picnic or some exercise.

Our team can guide you as you look for summer activities for kids during COVID-19

If you are curious about safe summer activities for kids during COVID-19, don’t hesitate to call us. Many independent camps are either tailoring their programming or pushing back their start dates. You may have registered your child early this year but are unsure if he or she should attend now. Or perhaps you’re looking into these camps now, out of a desire for your child to experience a somewhat normal summer.

Our Plano pediatricians have been helping moms and dads navigate their parenting decisions now more than ever. We try to remind them that the age of distance learning won’t last forever. But for now, let’s take advantage of these safe and fun (and often free) opportunities for our kids and our entire community. Contact our office if you have any questions.

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