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Make this school year a success with proper backpack safety

Make this school year a success with proper backpack safetyIt’s officially that time! The kids are going back to school for another year in the classroom. Before your child starts another school year, take a moment to think about backpack safety. After all, backpack weight and style can have a big effect on the bodies of growing students.

Our Plano pediatricians are here to help your child get the right start with their backpack this year. They’re discussing everything from how much your child’s backpack should weigh to how to select the right bag for the school year.

How much should your child’s backpack weigh?

This is a common question about backpack safety for parents who want to make sure their child isn’t carrying too much on their back. Thankfully, a new study from Spain offers an answer.

The recommended backpack weight varies depending on your child’s weight. However, it should never be more than 10% of their body weight. This means backpack weight shouldn’t exceed 11 pounds for a 110-pound child, while it shouldn’t go over five pounds for a 50-pound student.

Wearing a backpack that is too heavy can cause several problems for young learners, including neck and back pain, muscle soreness in the shoulders, and poor balance.

How to select the right backpack for back to school

When picking out a backpack for your kids, you should look for ergonomic options. To help with your back to school search, our Plano pediatricians have a list of backpack features to look for.

  • Don’t buy a bag that is wider than your child’s torso or hangs more than four inches below their waist.
  • Look for padded, adjustable shoulder straps. They can help distribute the backpack’s weight without digging into your child’s shoulders.
  • Consider buying a bag with a padded back to prevent the backpack’s contents from poking into your child’s back
  • Buying a bag with chest and waist straps can help distribute the backpack’s weight more evenly for your child.
  • Selecting a backpack with multiple compartments can help position the weight more effectively within the bag.

Our Plano pediatricians are here to answer any back to school questions, including ones about backpack safety and backpack weight. Contact us to learn more about getting your child ready for this school year.

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