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Tips for giving medications during summer vacation

Tips for giving medications during summer vacationSummer break is finally approaching, and our Plano pediatricians want to make sure that all our patients and their parents are prepared for the upcoming adventures. Happy, healthy kids are an essential ingredient in making summer fun. One important way to keep the fun going is giving medications during summer safely.

Safely giving medications during summer

When kids are having fun, our Plano pediatricians know that the last thing they want to do is stop and take their medicine. We want to work with our patients to ensure that they are as safe and healthy as possible this summer. Here are some tips for giving medications during summer break, whether a child is at home, at camp or on vacation.

  • Read the label. Make sure that whoever is medicating a child understands when and how to administer the medication. At camp or on vacation, store medications in their original containers so that providers can see the name, strength and dosing instructions.
  • Follow the label. Medication that is safe as prescribed by a doctor can be deadly when taken in the wrong dose.
  • No sharing allowed. Never allow children to share prescription medication.
  • Keep track of medication. Even over-the-counter medication can cause side-effects and interactions. Make sure children are only receiving medication from designated staff at camp and insist that they do not take medication from anyone else.

Unfortunately, summer activities like sleepovers and camp can sometimes provide opportunities for children to be exposed to illicit drugs or prescription drug abuse. Parents should talk to their children about the dangers of misusing prescription drugs, sharing medications, illegal drug use and the risks associated with misusing over-the-counter medications like cough syrup. We can also incorporate these discussions in our medical visits.

Available all summer

When parents are in doubt, our Plano pediatricians are a great resource. Our team can strategize ways to keep children on their medication regime. We can work with camps and other medical providers to ensure that they’re safely giving medication during summer.

To learn more about your child’s medication recommendations or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office.

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