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Our blog is another pediatric office resource

Our Plano pediatricians know that informed parents are more effective caregivers. As your partners in healthcare, we want you to have all the helpful information you need. For this reason, we have created a blog to supplement the other online resources our pediatric office recommends.

What our pediatric office providers want caregivers to know

We tailor our blog to issues that we believe are important to parents. Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Common illnesses. At our pediatric office, we see lots of patients with colds and upper respiratory infections, ear infections and diarrhea. Often these ailments can be treated at home, but if serious, they may require medical intervention. Ear infections are caused by bacteria and may be treated with antibiotics after an office examination.
  • Safety and Preventive Medicine. Vaccination is an essential element of community health. Diseases like whooping cough are highly contagious and can be fatal, but they can be avoided through vaccination.
  • Seasonal and environmental maladies. Summers in Texas are hot and sunny, which means that summer skin care is important for parents to keep in mind. In late summer, West Nile virus is also a concern, so effective insect repellent is important.
  • Acute Illnesses. Croup is a highly contagious viral illness that causes coughing and fever. Strep throat and scarlet fever are both caused by the same strain of bacteria that causes a sore throat, and in the case of scarlet fever, a rash. Strep throat and scarlet fever can be treated with antibiotics.

Remember that our blog is only intended to supplement your understanding of your child’s health. Children are unique and our pediatric office believes that tailoring healthcare to fit their individual needs means improving the health of the entire Plano community. Never hesitate to contact our pediatric office with specific concerns about your child’s physical, mental or emotional healthcare needs.

Take advantage of our blog and learn more about your child’s healthcare. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our board certified pediatricians.

Vision and Hearing Checks for Kids

Learn about the importance of vision and hearing checks for kids

Our Plano pediatricians encourage parents to bring their children to our office for yearly checkups. As a part of these examinations, our physicians will conduct vision and hearing checks for kids. Good eyesight and hearing are important for child development. If our physicians notice a problem,

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Pediatric Specialists of Plano

Introducing Solid Foods

Time to eat! Introducing solid foods into your baby’s diet

Mothers and fathers receive too much advice from friends, family and social media. With all this information and misinformation swirling around, how do you know when you should begin introducing solid foods into your baby’s diet? Our Plano pediatricians are here to provide you with guidelines and information to help you make the most of feeding time.

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Newborn Care Pediatric Specialists of Plano PSOP Kids

COVID-19 Vaccines Recommended for Eligible Teens

What parents need to know about COVID-19 vaccines for teens

Our Plano pediatricians want parents to know there are approved COVID-19 vaccines for eligible teens. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the Pfizer vaccine for teens who are 16 and older. Currently, Pfizer is the only vaccine available for patients under age 18. However, drug manufacturers have started trials for children 12 and up,

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Baby’s Head Shape

Heads up! What you should know about your baby’s head shape and flat head syndrome

In magazines and movies, every newborn has a perfectly shaped head, but your baby’s head shape may look a bit different. If your infant’s head is cone-shaped or uneven, there is an explanation. Many babies have conical shaped skulls after pushing their way through the birth canal.

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Newborn Care Pediatric Specialists of Plano

How to Swaddle Your Infant

How to swaddle your infant for safe and comfortable sleep

Chances are you learned how to swaddle your infant for safe sleep in a childbirth class or at the hospital. Swaddling your baby helps them feel comfortable, secure and soothed during sleep. A well-done wrap helps to calm a colicky baby and reduces the startle reflex that wakes infants at times.

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Newborn Care Pediatric Specialists of Plano PSOP Kids

PSOP Kids help kids in Honduras

PSOP helping kids in Honduras

PSOP kids show their support for the impoverished children in El Progreso, Yoro, Honduras. The office helped sponsor a fundraiser to aid with expenses at an orphanage and nutrition center. The aid is desperately needed after recent hurricanes severely damaged the orphanage.

Dr. Messner continues to help this community.

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Is It the Flu or a Common Cold?

Is it the flu or a common cold?

Your child has come home from school with a fever, a runny nose and exhaustion. Naturally, you look at their symptoms and wonder if it’s the flu or a common cold. Our Plano pediatricians have years of experience quickly helping parents find the answer to this common query.

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Pediatric Specialists of Plano

What Is Swimmer’s Ear?

Everything you need to know about swimmer’s ear in children

You’ve likely experienced it in your lifetime. Your pool-loving children might have it right now. We all know what it feels like, but just what is swimmer’s ear in children? This is a common and treatable condition, particularly if it’s caught early. Our Plano pediatricians explain what you need to know about this unfortunate side effect of pure summer fun.

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Pediatric Specialists of Plano

How Often a Child Should Poop

Answering an important question – How often a child should poop

Our Plano pediatricians are your child’s medical partners from birth through the teen years, so it’s our job to support parents in keeping kids healthy each step of the way. Parents who keep track of how often their child goes to the bathroom can spot problems before they become more serious.

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Pediatric Specialists of Plano

Summer Activities for Kids During COVID-19

Let our team help you find summer activities for kids during COVID-19

As parents ourselves, we know how difficult distance learning has been for families. Navigating all the apps, Zoom calls and screen time is a job itself. However, it has provided some structure to our children’s days. Now that school is winding down, moms and dads everywhere are scrambling to find summer activities for kids during COVID-19.

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Pediatric Specialists of Plano

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